What's Happening in Your BodyWorld?

              Connect Your Inner Knowing With            Your  Outer Reality

Weaving movement and visual arts with powerful ancient technologies that bring our spirits and bodies together, BodyWorld offers you an opportunity to create and maintain access to the richest expression of yourself so that you can create the life that you want. 

The basic practices and wisdoms of BodyWorld can help you drop into the creative space, listen carefully, have a deeper understanding of your own personal needs,  of your relationships, and your purpose.  It's all in you...

Cathleene offers classes, workshops, and private counseling, to help you gain personal insight, clear blocks to creative flow and create connections between your inner knowing and the life you are dreaming of.

"Cathleene you are an amazing facilitator, creator of space and safety. Your approach of encouraging us to come from that deep place within us and letting that emerge allows us the space to let that come forth. What happens is nothing short of amazing and transformative. What I would tell others who are thinking of taking this workshop is to jump into the water and let the river take you on the journey. There are no mistakes in this workshop, only discoveries and Cathleene holds the space for you to make those discoveries."      Namaste,   Jennie Olsen Six

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